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Explore the Unlimited Potential of Academic Libraries at MLC 2014!

This week, we want to feature a few of the sessions that are being presented by some of our Academic Librarians.  Whether you currently work in an academic library setting, are hoping to work in one, or are interested in academic library trends, these sessions are sure to spark your interest. 

Tuesday, May 13th 1:15 PM Session 2A Flash Reference: a new way of teaching the same old stuff / Together at Last: an Academic Public Library Leisure Reading Partnership. Speakers: Katherine Penner/ Mê-Linh Lê, Barbara Bourrier-LaCroix and Ada Ducas

Flash Reference: a new way of teaching the same old stuff

Combining the concepts of active teaching and focusing on one general skill or topic  at a time, Flash Reference sessions allow fluidity and flexibility in library 
instruction. With the ability to reach large populations of students in short spans of time, this proactive format of instruction reaches students who might be too shy to 
ask questions by offering the comfort of a group instructional setting. 
By examining the types of inquiries at our desks, we can tailor sessions to suit many  different students, such as finding articles that a professor has listed in a syllabus, 
or how to set up a library account as a first year student. It is also an effective way  to communicate and highlight new services and resources of interest to the general 
patron-community. This session will cover how we can use our existing library resources and technology to teach using flash reference. 

Together At Last: An Academic and Public Library Leisure Reading  Partnership 

The creation of leisure reading collections in health sciences libraries is a growing  trend, due in part to research that has shown the connection between recreational  reading and both academic achievement and personal and cultural enrichment. 
This presentation will highlight the partnership process undertaken by Winnipeg  Public Library and the University of Manitoba to create a leisure reading collection
for faculty, staff, students, and patients and their families housed at the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library. 
Included will be a discussion of the specific model used to create the collection; the creation of a partnership document outlining roles, responsibilities, desired 
outcomes and evaluation; and the challenges faced by the project. A preliminary evaluation of usage data will be presented, as well as future directions for the 

Tuesday, May 13th - 3:00-4:15pm Session 3A - Succession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries. Speaker: Janneka Guise 

Succession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries” is the subject of my 6-month research/study leave from the University of Manitoba Libraries, and 
my forthcoming book from Chandos Publishers. In this workshop session, I will spend approximately 30 minutes reviewing the literature on succession 
planning in libraries, describing my study methodology for Canadian academic libraries (an online survey and one-on-one interviews at site visits), and reporting my preliminary findings. The other 20-30 minutes will be a chance for participants to discuss (in groups) succession planning practices at their own institutions, identifying barriers and suggesting 

Tuesday, May 13th - Session 3C 3:00-4:15pm - Gearing Up for Accessible Campus: A Case of University of Manitoba Libraries. Speakers: Asako Yoshida and Jeff Buhse 

In 2013, with the introduction of Bill 26, the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, the province has begun to further move toward achieving “a fully accessible province.” Anticipating many positive changes to eliminate barriers in the campus environments at the University of Manitoba when the province rolls out the legislation in a few years’ time, the Libraries has 
been working closely with Student Accessibility Services to better  understand the diversity of the student population living with disabilities, their challenges, and to identify and deliver solutions to develop better accessibility supports. In this session, highlights of our achievements and lessons learned will be shared with the audience drawing from our recent 
experiences and in light of more accessibility initiatives to be ensured on campus. 

Wedneday, May 14th - Session 7B. 3:00-4:15pm - Working Together to Make Successful Writers. Speaker: Vickie Albrecht, Kathy Block, and James Blanchard

This session would present and discuss the aspects of a joint-initiative from the University of Manitoba between the Libraries and the Academic Learning Centre to get writing tutors into the libraries to assist students with writing. Attendees will hear the perspectives from both the Writing Tutors’ coordinator, Kathy Block about this program; and the libraries 
perspectives’ on this initiative. This program has expanded and currently a pilot to expand this existing program into the Sciences and Technology Library is being done and discussed. The challenges to this program and some of the benefits that have been reaped by both the Academic Learning Centre and the Libraries will also be discussed. 


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