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Explore your unlimited potential at MLC 2014 pre-conference sessions

In addition to a diverse conference program, our pre-conference sessions offer a variety of different subjects to enlighten, engage and inform


PLSB Orientation


Librarians and trustees are invited to attend a full-day pre-conference session on public library governance where participants will learn their roles and responsibilities, library grants review and the Public Library Act. Public Library Services Branch will also provide an overview of the resources and services they offer.


Active Learning in the Library - Speaker: Mê-Linh Lê


The era of ‘sage-on-the-stage’ instruction is over! The changing needs of today’s library users demands that the library offer more engaging and interactive instruction that responds to the needs of all learning styles. Research has shown that active learning, where students engage in a variety of learning activities and discussions, can increase information retention

and critical thinking skills. This fully accredited and highly interactive session will use a wide variety of techniques to introduce participants to active learning concepts, demonstrate a variety of active learning tools, and provide hands-on experience in selecting appropriate active learning strategies for specific library instructional needs. After completing this workshop, participants will be able confidently introduce active learning techniques into their instruction.



Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11) and Fair Dealing: How Does It Affect libraries? - Speaker: John Tooth


Recent changes to Copyright law got you confused? We've got just the thing for you. The presentation outlines the new reality of copyright in Canada, particularly for schools, community colleges and universities, but also public libraries. It will outline the new user rights clauses of the copyright modernization act Bill C-11 which apply to education and libraries, new

regulations for Internet Providers, and will examine the Supreme Court ruling in July 2012, which has led to new interpretations of fair dealing. Questions and answers provided throughout the presentation.



Performance Coaching – achieving higher results with and through your staff - Speaker: Laura Simmons, Harris Consulting Corp


In this highly interactive workshop participants will learn:


  1. The power of regular feedback when it is tied to a performance appraisal system.
  2. How to evoke the best results from the annual performance appraisal system. (i.e. setting goals, use of the job description and delivering feedback) while maintaining the staff relationship.
  3. The best method to follow when staff make errors on the job, including:
    • how to identify potential causes and conducting meeting
    • how to deal with unusual staff reactions


As a result of the workshop, participants will:

  • have increased confidence in an often ‘uncomfortable’ territory
  • reduce time in completing forms
  • have increased effectiveness in evoking the best performance from staff.


This workshop is a useful resource for anyone responsible for overseeing another person's performance, whether they are an elected official/library board trustee or paid staff member.


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