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MLA Library Innovation Award

Manitoba Library Innovation Award

This award is to identify and celebrate innovation in library services in Manitoba Libraries, who through innovative thinking have created or demonstrated improvements in library services to their users are eligible. Potential nominees may include applications of new web services, creation of innovative technology tools or applications of technology in new settings for the benefit of users. Depending on the number of nominations received, more than one winner may be announced or none.


The Manitoba Library Association’s Awards Committee will select this year’s award winner(s).  The winner(s) of the Manitoba Library Innovation of the Year Award(s) will be announced at the Manitoba Library Association AGM or at the Manitoba Libraries Conference.


Submissions should be sent by email.  Deadline for submission is April 30, 2018.  Winners will be notified by mid-May and a representative of the selected organization will be requested to be present to receive the award.


Only one nomination is required to be considered for the award.  Nominations for consideration in previous years can be nominated in future years.  Past winners would not normally be considered to win again unless significant changes have been made.


Nominations for Library Innovation of the Year must include the following information:

  • Library name
  • Name of innovation
  • Purpose of innovation
  • Description of innovation
  • Online address of innovation or example
  • Name and contact information of the person nominating the innovation


Send submissions by email to:

MLA Awards Committee


You will receive a confirmation of receipt.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation:The award recognizes improvements in delivery of projects, programs, services, etc. which constitute a significant positive impact over existing methods. New methods or ideas in delivery of services or programs using new technologies will have particular merit. Innovations of any scale are welcome.
  • Impact:The award recognizes activities which show potential for long term impact on libraries. Impacts to the user community and enduring benefit to these users should be illustrated.
  • Utility:The extent to which the innovation can be adopted by other libraries or adapted to other settings will be considered.


Deadline for submitting nominations: April 30, 2018