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Update on the New MLA Logo Project

on November 9, 2018 - 4:22pm

Thanks to everyone who participated in our New MLA Logo Contest! With 20 submissions and 61 votes, your participation has helped us to get a sense of direction as we move forward with this project. As the votes for best logo were fairly divided, the MLA board voted to invest in bringing a graphic designer on board to help us bring this vision together. 

For those of you who were curious about the contest results, the top submissions were:

  • Option 11, with 20% of votes for first choice:

  • Option 5b, with 15% of votes for first choice:

  • Option 6, with 11% of votes for first choice:

The comments from survey respondents will also be helpful as we move forward. A few key themes that stood out in these comments include:

  • “library trustees  •  library technicians  •  librarians” - this may not be inclusive enough of all library workers & supporters
  • Only showcasing books is a dated way to portray libraries
  • Whatever the choice, it needs to represent unity across the province, and highlight our one provincial voice

Stay tuned as this project moves forward over the next few weeks!